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3D drawing and simulation
The 3D drawing forms the basis of the tool which is
developed specifically for you . We can calculate and
simulate the correct flow of the material, the pressure
of the machine and the amount of the material .
In-house tool making
The secret lies within the tool and the precision of our CNC
milling and electro discharge machining (EDM) . A cor-
rect tool saves material and gives you a better and more
time-saving solution . At Mikkelsen we have produced
more than 1000 tools for our customers, making us the
most experienced Technomelt tool maker in Europe and
by making our own tools we can offer you more flexibility
and the innovation that comes with having the process
in-house .
Normally we produce our tools in aluminium which cools
your product almost instantaneously . Then the staff can
handle your item immediately and you need not plan time
for hardening or cooling easy, fast and cost saving .
Moulding and Encapsulation
Do you need a water-resistant, vibration-safe, cost-effi-
cient, chemical-resistant protection of your application?
Then consider Technomelt . As an extra we can offer you to
combine with plastics .
Moulding and Encapsulation
The low pressure moulding replaces several manufactur-
ing operations such as moulding plastic housings and pot-
ting with epoxy . Depending on the physical environment
in which your product will be used and on your require-
ments we can encapsulate your product .
Our more well-known solutions include moulding of strain
relief, customized connectors and protection of PCBs .
Technomelt moulding is often used to solve problems
with humidity . In other cases Technomelt is used in form-
ing specific customized solutions that solve specific chal-
lenges - for example space problems, stacking of compo-
nents or mounting problems .
Working instructions
Needless to say, we do not start production without a
working instruction . And we also ensure that our staff
understand this description and are able to follow it . All
our staff are continuously trained to work with various ma-
chines, processes and standards . This way we guarantee
high-quality work performed by skilled staff .
Aluminium tool and 3D
printed tool
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