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Digital Automated Interferometer
for Surface Inspection
If you need to have a complete measurement of the ferrule
endface, the interferometer measures, digitalises, auto-
matically cleans and delivers a report of how the ferrule
looks .
Optical Dispersion and Bandwidth
Measuring System
For laboratory tests or other tests where you need to
measure the bandwidth .
Automated 3-step fiber optics strip-
ping machine
When you require precision work for stripping of fiber
optics and kevlar this machine is the most advanced tool
for stripping without damaging the fiber .
Testing your fiber optics
All production orders at Mikkelsen are produced accord-
ing to the IPC 620 quality system, including visual and
functional testing and we also offer you PPAP .
The following reports are available: Microscope control,
insertion loss control and reflection loss control .
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