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All components and cables are approved in our incom-
ing inspection and all finalised items are visually and/or
electrically tested before shipped to you . Details regard-
ing the test are always agreed with you before the start of
production .
Test Options and Quality Control
The X-ray process can discover malfunctions in the
cores, soldering etc . It may also give you valuable
information in case you need specific certificates for
your products .
Infra-red camera for troubleshooting
The infra-red camera detects any short circuits .
Temperature and climatic test chamber
For applications in challenging environments we are
able to simulate high/low temperatures (-40C to 180C)
and humidity (10% to 98%) .
Automatic Optical Inspection System AOI
The system detects variations in surface compared to a
master sample .
Microgrind system
The microgrind system is a control used for analysing
soldering and crimps .
A unique barcode which is printed on each cable can be
used for identification, tests and reports .
3D scanning
Geometrical and 3D item analysis
First article inspection
Optical measuring system .
Electrical tests for IPC standard 620 class 3

Programmable test equipment for:
High voltage, short and continuity test by small
resistance values .
Capacitive measuring eg . one point connected screen or
twisted wires .
Ability to generate test report for each test .
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