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Mikkelsen Electronics A/S
T +45 4434 0300
www .mi-ec .com
info@mi-ec .com
Product specification
IPC, UL, other requirements
3D drawing
3D flow simulation
3D prototype
Climatic simulation chamber
Inhouse tool making CNC/EDM or 3D printed sample tools
Working instructions
Assembly, moulding, encapsulation, potting, casting
ESD protected work stations
Barcode serial number marking
Laser stripping
Soldering robot
IPC certified staff
Electrical tests and reports generated for:
Continuity, shorts, insulation resistance, High voltage tests etc .
Microscope, Interferometer, Insertion and return loss inspection
Bandwidth measuring and Dispersion test
Automatic optical inspection system (AOI)
3D geometrical analysis (First article inspection)
Infrared camera for troubleshooting
Your own buffer stock or packaging
From small and medium series to large scale production