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ISO 9001:2008
Quality is a top priority for us and we always do our best
to find the right solution for you . Therefore Mikkelsen was
ISO9001-certified for the first time in 1999 . Now we are
ISO9001:2008-certified and depending on the specific
project we work according to various standards .
IPC 620 class 1,2 and 3
IPC is both a standard and a network for knowledge
transfer, and Mikkelsen has been certified since 2012 . At
Mikkelsen all staff in charge of your production order have
been educated in each process they handle . To guarantee
the continuous education of our staff we have our own IPC
610 and 620 trainer .
UL certificate
Are you exporting to the US or Canada? Then you might
need UL approved cabling . At Mikkelsen we have been
UL certified since 2006 and therefore have experience in
producing wiring harnesses according to UL standards so
that you can safely place the UL approval mark on your
product .
We produce according
to the following standards:
IPC-620A, IPC JSTD-001E and IPC-7711/7721
With our PPAP quality system all processes are simulated
and all working stages are analysed in order to predict and
avoid defects and errors . PPAP or Production Part Approval
Process has been used in the automotive supply chain for
quite some time and now the method has been adopted
by other industries . We have used the PPAP since 2011 . The
system focuses on how to avoid errors in the production
line . Therefore all steps of the production process are ana-
lysed for possible defects and errors and the PPAP forms
a strong system of minimising the risks of failures while
securing uninterrupted and consistent production .
Quality and Standards
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