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At Mikkelsen we have been producing customized cables
for decades . The medical industry, the food industry, the
defence, as well as the automotive, marine and offshore in-
dustries are just a few examples of where we have adapted
products to specific industry requirements and standards .
Our working stations are ESD secured and our skilled staff
handle any quantity, from prototypes to larger series .
Laser stripping
For i .e . IPC 620-3 assemblies the laser stripper has proven
itself indispensible as it guarantees that the metal conduc-
tors inside the cable are still 100% intact once the insula-
tion material has been stripped off .
Soldering robot
If your application demands selective point-to-point
soldering, we have an automated solution to offer you .
Our soldering robot will carry out your tasks rapidly, with
optimum quality and repeatability .
Cable Assembly
Twisted pair flat cable
Customised cable with
Technomelt moulding
Small and
Large scale
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