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3D printed Dsub with movable
3D Printing
Low production costs and a fast delivery of the tool make
3D printed tools an interesting option . The unique 3D
printing process gives you more than just a glimpse of
your finished product, as you can use it for producing your
initial prototypes and a small series .
The 3D printer can print items with an area of max . 355mm
x 254mm x 254mm . The materials used for 3D prints are
suitable for temperatures up to 200C and are approved
for aircraft industries for example .
3D Scanning
The 3D scanner converts the shape of your unique item,
with precision, into a file that can be read by a CAD-pro-
gramme . The file can be used for geometrical analysis and
first article inspection . The optical measuring system is an
additional sophisticated feature to quality control .
3D printer for tools, prototypes and
items with movable parts
3D scanner for quality control, analysis
and inspection
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