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Do you need a helping hand?
Avoid bottlenecks by assigning your production to Mikkelsen .
Our experienced staff are part of your package when you
place an order with Mikkelsen and they are trained specifi-
cally in their particular part of the assembly line .
Qualified staff
When you place your assembly with Mikkelsen you
are ensured a high knowledge in quality systems,
such as the PPAP and IPC standards, for example .
Our staff are continuously trained in specific assem-
bly skills by our own IPC trainer which enables us to
recertify our staff every six months . Furthermore, we
can benefit from our versatile experience gathered
in the course of more than 30 years of assembly .
Hands on or automated
production? And where?
Some products can be automated and others need
a human hand . We do both . Our production special-
izes in customizing your product . So we adapt our
production to your requirements . Geographically
you can choose between production in Denmark
and our own European or Asian cost favourable
production facilities .
Assembly Projects
Headset solution with
If you wish we can also help you build up
your own production turnkey, prototypes
or leasing of machines .
Mikkelsen Electronics A/S
T +45 4434 0300
www .mi-ec .com
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