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Mikkelsen has a long history of cooperating with only the
best manufatores in our field. After a thorough considera-
tion we select our partners and test their knowledge in order
to deliver the best product and service.
Quality, adaptability, service and customer orientation are
key words that really mean something to us. We are commit-
ted to always do our best and ready to be challenged by you
and your requirements.
Do you need us to deliver a total package solution? And
what about keeping your products in stock so that you no
longer have to spend time handling parts and packages?
At Mikkelsen you can have your own buffer stock and save
transportation and stocking costs. And if you prefer, we can
label and pack your products in your own boxes and send
them to your customers with a packing slip with your name
on. Easy and cost saving for you.
Our Qualified Staff
Needless to say, we put all our efforts into servicing you with
a qualified staff. A typical Mikkelsen employee has worked
with Mikkelsen for a number of years and is both qualified
and specialized in his/her particular area. We keep our staff
for a long time and are proud that they stay with us for long
thus ensuring a high level of experience and qualification.
Team-up with Mikkelsen
Credit Check
We at Mikkelsen have always taken great pride in having sol-
id balances and being in the black. Therefore we have been
AAA-rated since 2009. After all, we believe that confidence
is earned.
Highest creditworthiness
Soliditet 2013
Today the Mikkelsen team counts over 65 qualified staff members
Mikkelsen Electronics A/S
T +45 4434 0300